Additional Information

Students have the possibility to apply for reimbursement of travel costs. This requires to be first author of a talk/poster including presentation at the conference. Please send application via email with the title of the presentation until 28.11.2017 to geophysik(at)

Application for travel reimbursement for students:             28.11.2017

Registration deadline for talks and posters                            08.12.2017

Reduced conference rate (Early Bird) until:                            08.12.2017

Registration deadline for exhibitors:                                        08.12.2017

Application for rooms for working groups:                             08.01.2018



Poster boards and fixing material are provided on-site. Posters should be printed in
A0 portrait format.
There will be two large time slots (A and B), so that each poster can be presented for
a duration of two days. Posters of group A (labeled as *.A-*) can be hanged up on
Monday morning. It is expected that these posters are taken off after the last session
on Tuesday by one of the authors. The posters of group B (labeled as *.B-*) can be
hanged up on Wednesday morning and are expected to taken off on Thursday
afternoon by one of the authors after the closing event.
The presence of one of the authors is expected at:
Group A: A1 (Mo, 12/2., 15:00-16:00), A2 (Tue, 13/2., 10:30-11:30), A3 (Tue, 13/2.,
Group B: B1 (Wed, 14/2., 10:30-11:30), B2 (Wed, 14/2., 15:00-16:00), B3 (Thu,
15/.2., 10:30-11:30)

Oral presentations
The speaking time is 15 minutes including 3 minutes for discussion. Technical
facilities with laptops is available. The files will be copied on the provided laptops in
the morning before the first sessions. Self-brought laptops cannot be used.

Please pay attention to the guidelines for abstract submission.